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September 22, 2013
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Judo girl v boy by lovestospar Judo girl v boy by lovestospar
She's got him right where she wants him.
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I remember that production from THE GREAT Andy... how long... and what a sadness ... :(

However, about that judo encounter, the girl got beaten.... one of the rare production from Budogirls where a barefoot girl got her ass kicked ... if not the absolute only one. :)
i know it man.  Back in '97 when i thought i was the only into karate chicks, his site let me know i wasn't alone...and provided GREAT pics/scenarios.  Heartbreaking that he's left us too soon.
heartbreaking, right word

I remember this little and stupid coincidence: I was waiting for "his" Jekaterina to fight VS another girl of his roster, as he promised ... I was a TREMENDOUS fan of her... I planned with andy to try to meet her in person.
One day, on his site the first "real fight between two barefoot female fighters" appeared.
Jekaterina was VS a brutal, ugly girl, and she lost it.
She lost it badly.
I remember the photo set, with my heroine on the ground holding an aching arm, and then doubled over holding her midsection, gasping with her, on her knees, badly defeated.
I wrote to Andy commenting my "little pain as a shattered fan", expecting the same from him, as he was... "almost in love", with Jekaterina: we both believed deeply in her strenghts.
And Andy.... never answered to me. For the reason you know.

man that's rough!  i go by budogirls every now and then to check out the great old work and see if there's an update by the guys that took over the site.  nothing.  he really did great work too.  fantastic skilled women that were beautiful.  not another site like it since.  nothing even close. 
you're right!

I crawled through my old material, and I've found that Jekaterina/Steffi fight photo story....

after having shivered by pain, for the beating my wonderful old-times heroine received (not joking), I have thought I could post it here on DA
*gasping for air*, sorry
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