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Hello and welcome to my weird-ass page!

It's kinda my outlet. It reflects a fetish i have, but it does not define me(consume at times; yes...define; no). Hopefully you'll enjoy it here, whether you're on a journey to find yourself as am I, or just into the same stuff.

I'm currently a student of Taekwondo and I love it! The kicking. The punching. The improvement from week to week. Everything. It's amazing. I LOVE the thought of crushing my foot into an opponents face with a quality kick during a fight. I wanna feel my sole make contact and watch their eyes roll up into the back of their head, just before they colapse in a heap. I want to know that I dropped them to the mats and all I needed were my trained bare fists and feet as my weapons to do so. TKD is insanely empowering. I recommend it to everyone reading this!

That said, I also happen to have a thing for female martial artists. I find them empowered and gorgeous. I like their strength. I like their determination and dedication to their sport and way of life, and yes, I like they can defend themselves using their hands and bare feet. I am one of many who have a martial arts foot fetish. I didn't ask for it, but i embrace it. It's a part of me and I refuse to hide from it or fight it.

The majority of my time here I'll be posting a fantasy or actual life event from my time living with a female blackbelt(i was a very lucky man). There are also some of my web faves here too, I'll credit when I can, but only if it's the original source.

So feel free to say "hi", comment or whatever you want! This fetish can make us feel very lonely and outcast, but we're in this world together, so lets help each other best we can!

Take care all!!!
When I lived with TKD-ex, one birthday in particular sticks out: the birthday I was forced to eat cake off her bare foot...AND IT WAS AWESOME!

On my bday night we'd had a nice dinner out, few drinks, real chilled out and normal. When we got home it was candles and cake. We did the singing and wish thing, then I went into the living room and hollered to her to bring me some cake. 

She had been wearing jeans and shoes w/socks for the "going out" part and when she came into the living room she was still in her jeans, except now she was barefoot. "Get over here" she barked. "Huh?" I replied. "Get the fuck over here" she reiterated. "Uh...ok" I said and walked over. "Get down" she barked this time. "Down? What are you talking about" I asked. "Stop standing. Get on your knees, NOW". The thought of being on my knees in front of her turned me on big time, so I did it. I looked up at her. Looking down at my with gorgeous huge eyes she said "You wanted cake? You're getting cake" As she said that, she placed the plate on the floor in front of me and stood with her arms crossed in front of her, then she raised her leg. I was now in awe and just stared at her foot and she knew it. I watched her toes pull back. Then she stepped down slowly. I watched the icing slowly part as the ball of her foot smooshed into my dessert. I wanted to be that cake, her foot crushing ME. The icing squished through her toes as the cake itself gave way under the pressure of her foot. Once her foot reached the plate, she wrinkled her toes and crushed and grabbed pieces of the destroyed food between them. Then she twisted the ball of her foot, as if putting out a cigarette. When she was done, she slowly lifted her foot. Cake had been pressed hard into the ball of her foot. Pieces were hanging and falling off. Icing was everywhere. "Eat it" she ordered. So I used my hand to scoop up crumbs from the plate and stick them together and lifted them to my mouth. "No dipshit, eat it off my foot". My eyes exploded with wonder. I leaned in close to her foot. She had her toes pulled back I smashed my lips into her bare sole, grabbing at what cake I could. Her foot was still moist from being in her sock for hours and the stink of her well-worn shoes were embedded deep in her skin. The sight of grown man licking sticky cake off her stinky foot must have been intoxicating. Oh, the power she must have felt as she looked down on me in that moment! I made my tongue firm and licked up her foot. Cake was stuck to her foot like peanut butter on a spoon. It took real effort to lick off. She pointed her foot downward and my tongue drug across the top of her toes and in between. I sucked each toe individually. I was in cake/foot heaven. When her foot was clean, right back into the cake it went, then right back into my face. When I was done she had my lie on my back. She ground her sugary sole into my face, wiping off any extra icing, then she'd rub it in with her sole. 

The rest of the night she sat smiling, proud of her work and I sat in awe at what had just transpired. 
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I have, and the pics he posts are amazing. Those women are crazy talented!
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