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Hello and welcome to my page!!! It's kinda my outlet. It reflects a fetish i have, but it does not define me(consume at times; yes...define; no). Hopefully you'll enjoy it here whether your on a journey to find yourself or just into the same stuff.

I'm a blue-stripe in TaeKwonDo(started mid-July 2014). Let me be completely clear on this, I 100% love and respect this sport, lifestyle and the associated way of life. I also happen to have a thing for female martial artists. I find them empowered and gorgeous. I like their strength. I like their determination and dedication to their sport/way of life, and yes, I like they can defend themselves with their hands and bare feet. I am one of many who have a martial arts foot fetish. I didn't ask for it, but i embrace it. It's a part of me. No use fighting it.

The majority of my time here I'll be posting a fantasy or actual life event and some pictures from my personal life(i was a very lucky man). There are also some of my web faves here too, and i try my best to give credit to the originators.

So feel free to say "hi", comment or whatever you want! This fetish can make us feel very lonely and outcast, but we're in this world together, so lets help each other best we can!

Take care all!!!
Cool. Great. My other post on the topic got deleted. Boy I love computers! 👎🏿 Anyway, I think it's totally sexy that she wants to wear less padding on her hands and feet and really bash someone out cold. Fuck, to see those victorious bare soles facing the ceiling as she kneels by the edge of the mats 😍. And the fact she'll stomp thru concrete while picturing my face and head is too much to handle. Such dominance. 
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