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Hello and welcome to my weird-ass page!

It's kinda my outlet. It reflects a fetish i have, but it does not define me(consume at times; yes...define; no). Hopefully you'll enjoy it here, whether you're on a journey to find yourself as am I, or just into the same stuff.

I'm currently a student of Taekwondo and I love it! The kicking. The punching. The improvement from week to week. Everything. It's amazing. I LOVE the thought of my foot crushing into an opponents face during a fight. I wanna feel my bare sole make contact with their face and watch as their eyes roll up into the back of their head as they collapse in a heap. I want to know that I dropped them to the mats and all I needed were my trained bare fists and feet. TKD is insanely empowering. I recommend it to everyone reading this!

That said, I also happen to have a thing for female martial artists. I find them empowered and gorgeous. I like their strength. I like their determination and dedication to their sport and way of life, and yes, I like they can defend themselves using their hands and bare feet. I am one of many who have a martial arts foot fetish. I didn't ask for it, but i embrace it. It's a part of me and I refuse to hide from it or fight it.

The majority of my time here I'll be posting a fantasy or actual life event from my time living with a female blackbelt(i was a very lucky man). There are also some of my web faves here too, I'll credit when I can, but only if it's the original source.

So feel free to say "hi", comment or whatever you want! This fetish can make us feel very lonely and outcast, but we're in this world together, so lets help each other best we can!

Take care all!!!
    My ex and i had been arguing via text message for a few days about her giving back the key to our house now that she had moved out. "No, I still have stuff there" was her argument. "Um, yeah but you left two years ago" was mine. "I'm not giving you the key back, no way" she said firmly.  "Fine, then i'm changing the locks on you! FUCKING BITCH." i quipped back. There was no reply from her. Later that evening, the doorbell rang.  I looked through the peephole and saw it was her. She was standing, facing the door, in her full white dobok and Adidas sandals, her belt clutched firmly in her right hand. "fuck me." i thought to myself.  After sighing heavily and looking down for a moment to compose myself, i opened the door. Her long brunette hair was damp and pulled back in a ponytail. The front of her dobok was soaked with sweat and she had her purse over he right shoulder. It looked as though she had come straight over after TKD to sort this out face to face. "Gonna change the locks on me, huh? You have some fucking nerve" she said as she walked towards me bumping me as she passed by to enter the house. She had long dyed brown hair, stood 5'9 and 128lbs, and she was rock solid from years of weight training. I could feel her power in just that tiny bump. "H...Hey, i didn't say you could come in" i struggled to get out as she slipped her perfect size 9.5 bare feet out of her sandals. The soles of her feet were firm and smooth from years of gliding across tatami mats and breaking wood and concrete. Still, when i'd press my lips into them, they had a certain softness and tenderness i craved. She had "TAE KWON DO" in Korean characters tattooed on the outside edges of both her feet. She got them the day after her black belt test as a gift to herself and a warning to others. She confidently walked towards me. I could feel my heart drop and face go flush as her feet hit the wood flooring floor with purpose in each step. She stopped a foot from me and put her hands on her hips. "Yeah, and what exactly are you gonna do about it" she said as her eyes stared fiercely into mine. I was scared. A wrong answer or a flinch, and she could strike like a viper, and instantly drop me like a bag of trash. "L...look" i said, my voice now quivering "j...just g...g...give me your key and leave...p...please. i don't want to get into it with you" i said. "Of course you don't. You're stuttering like a retard and shaking like a leaf" she taunted. "Look, you're a pussy. A pussy who only talks tough in texts and demands things loudly thinking others will just cave in. I can see thru your false bravado, always have. Now, I on the other hand, am a strong woman. I'm a fighter. I FIGHT for the things I want, just like I fought to earn this belt" she said as she held the belt up in front of my face. "And that sucks for you because that's EXACTLY why I'm here". With that, she turned and walked towards the kitchen, pausing only to use her foot to slide her sandals from the center of the floor to the edge by the wall.      


    When she came back, she no longer had her purse and she had this to say: "I'm tired of you trying to bully me into caving into your demands all the time. I already put up with that for years, it's why I left you, so here's what’s going to happen: the key is in the kitchen on the counter, but you have to get past me if you want it. You'll have to FIGHT me for it". I was dumbfounded. With that, she stood tall and tied that black belt around her athletic waist in such a way that i could easily read her name and the name of her dojang, "Elite Taekwondo", dangling from either end. She grabbed the two ends and snapped the knot firm with a *SNAP!* Then she looked me dead in the eyes and bowed; "Time to EARN it if you want it" she said as she lifted from her bow, and walked towards me. There was a focus and fight in her eyes i'd never seen before. I backed away with both hands up in front of me, scrambling for another way out of this. "Please T*****. Come on, isn't there any other way for us to settle this?!" i pleaded, almost in tears. "Nope" was all she responded with. Then she attacked. She sprung forward and kicked her left foot straight forward into the pit of my stomach with a front snap kick. My arms shot forward to block, but as i am untrained i didn’t stand a chance. The firm ball of her foot easily flew past my weak inexperienced guard and sank in deep. i thought she broke me in half. She was so powerful that the kick pushed me back into the wall. i hunched over, my body engulfing her foot. My eyes bulged as the air wooshed from my lungs. "You're getting a little doughy around the middle these days, eh" she verbally jabbed.  Then she withdrew her foot from my midsection as fast as she kicked it in. I looked up in panic and stuck my arms out again in an attempt to call time-out(as if this were some sort of game). My hands formed to make the signature “T” just in time to see her back to me, pony tail whipping thru the air, as her head turned to face me and her eyes focused on their target. In a flash, the firm slightly soiled sole of her right foot soared towards my face with perfect technique, then impact. A hard *CRUNCH* is what i felt(and i'm sure she heard) from her spinning back kick as her heel connected flush with, and sank into, the middle of my face. My nose was crushed and the back of my head went smashing into the drywall with such brute force it created a large divot. For effect, she held her foot in its place of impact. 

  There she stood, with my face and head pinned to the wall beneath her bare heel for what seemed to me like an eternity. Her heel was hard, yet soft.  It felt like sandpaper, but it also felt like heaven.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was where I belonged.  Tho my nose was flattened, i could still pick out the scent of sweat and TKD mats from that days training ingrained in her powerful naked sole. The tattoo on the edge of her foot at the end of her perfectly straight leg rested just underneath my eyes, blurred because if its closeness. Her technique was a work of art. I watched the swinging of her belt subside as my arms fell limp by my sides. It was a poetic moment. I was now being held upright in place by her deadly foot and leg. I'm sure the view from her side must have been completely empowering/hilarious as she gazed down her loooooong firm leg to the sight of her foot crushing my face. She withdrew her heel from the center of my face and re-took her fighting stance, at which point, the blood started pouring from my broken nose. With her foot no longer supporting me, I slid down the wall slowly onto my ass, legs stretched out rigid in front of me as my head bobbled up and down. 

    I was in shock from both kicks and i just sat there. I mean, I knew I was there, in front of her, but I felt like I was looking at myself from the outside. So, dazed and unable to breathe i stared blankly upwards at her as the blood drained freely from my broken nose and the area around my eyes began to slowly swell. She stood tall in front of me, hands by her sides on her belt.  Then movement. With me a helpless heap before her, she raised her right leg and pulled back her toes, presenting her intended target with her devastating sole. i couldn't protect myself or even brace for the impact. This was it.  i'd finally mouthed off to the wrong person and this was how it was going to end. i remember mumbling some incoherent mumbo-jumbo, tho. "Mumphy bo pofffmphll dahhh" is all she heard. It's as though i simply accepted my fate at her feet. Poised to stomp down and crush my face beneath her, i watched her fists clench tightly and she raised her leg a few more inches...then held her pose for dramatic effect. "Say goodnight asshole" she spoke, then a mighty "KIAAAAAA!!!" she shouted as her firm sole soared down towards my face. At the last instant tho, instead of crushing my head like a bug beneath her, she stopped short. i didn't even have the wherewithal to blink. She smirked at me with utmost confidence, as she stood between my legs, her sole less than a half-inch away from my face. I stared at every inch of that foot. I remember thinking 'it's perfect'. Then i heard her speak: "Lick it" is all she said. I did nothing. "I SAID LICK IT" she reiterated. Instinctively, my tongue rolled out of my mouth and i pressed it into the female fighters' sweaty naked sole. "HAHAHA!!! WOW, even after i floor you, your pervy little brain can't help itself! You're pathetic" she said as she spread and wiggled her toes across my slimy tongue. She removed her foot from my tongue, and wiped the soaked ball of her foot down my face from my forehead to my chin. My face wreaked of foot. Then she pulled her foot back and squatted down to face me. Bouncing on the balls of her feet she grabbed a handful of my hair in her left fist. There she held my head up, examining me, looking into my eyes. "Holy shit" she said "I fucked you up pretty bad.....AND FAST!!" she was beyond thrilled. "You're a fucking mess! Is there anyone even home in there?" she asked as she gazed into my eyes while knocking on the top of my head with the knuckles of her right hand. The knocking drew out some instinctive blinks on my behalf, but other than that I could only stare at her, i couldn't communicate. Slowly, the gift of some shallow breaths returned to me. "Ok, I know it's probably hard for you to focus right now considering what I just did to you, but try hard to listen to me very, VERY carefully, K? This was about respect. If you EVER call me a bitch again, or ANY other term demeaning to women, I promise I'll put you in the hospital for WEEKS with my bare fists and feet, and that's if you're lucky. Are we 100% crystal clear on this?" i stared blankly back. "I'm a strong woman and I deserve your respect. If you won't give it to me freely...then I'll be forced to come back here and take it from you." Even tho i was broken and at her mercy, my cock stiffened rock-hard in my pants at her confidence. Still, i could only stare back at her. With that, she wound up her free hand, and backhand slapped me across the face. My head twisted violently to the left, but she quickly jerked my hair, correcting my view back to straight ahead. Tears formed in my swollen eyes and started streaming freely down my cheeks. "I asked you a question. Are. We. Clear?" Her eyes darted back and forth looking into mine intensely. "Awww, are you gonna cry for me now, pussy?" then she leaned closer and whispered "Good. I cried because of you for YEARS."  Her words were so dominant I could feel the pre-cum dribble from the end of my cock into my pants as the tears continued to roll down my cheeks. I nodded yes.

    "Good. So then, that's settled. Now, about this pesky key problem we're having" she started "I still have my TKD mats and heavy bag here so I think the best solution is for me to keep my key, come and go as I please, and for you to never bring it back up.....ever again. Does that sound about right to you?" I broke eye contact and looked down at her black belt, then i stared at the tops and painted toes of her bare feet...and in tearful submission, i nodded. "And if I want to bring a 'friend' with me to help me practice, you're going to make them feel welcome as well. Understood?" again i nodded. "Good boy. It looks like some of that new found respect I just spoke about is already seeping out" she chirped. "But I'll be honest; I didn't come here to let you off the hook that easily. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you've come to see things my way, but you see, you've been an absolute asshole to me lately and I've had the growing urge for several weeks to punch a hole straight through your smug fucking face, so that's exactly what I'm going to do". 

    My eyes widened as i looked back at her in panic. I was petrified. I started to cry uncontrollably and my body started to quiver. She let go of my hair, smirked as she looked me in the eyes, and stood up. Standing inches in front of me, feet planted firmly on the floor, she adjusted her belt and pulled at the bottom of her dobok top to straighten it. She was all business again. Then she bent down, and while keeping her knees straight, grabbed me by my collared shirt and lifted me up. She pushed me back into the wall with my feet dangling a good 6-8 inches off the ground. Experiencing her raw strength caused my cock to press straight out in my pants, aching for her. She pressed me hard into the wall and adjusted her grip. Now, somewhat coherent, i pawed futilely at her wrists with both of my hands. But she was too strong. She removed only her right hand. "Now, let's see what we can do about this pesky bulge" she said in a sultry voice as she eye fucked me and stroked my shaft up through my pants with the palm of her right hand, all the while licking her lips. "I do miss this thick chunk of meat, I won't lie to you." Pre-cum poured from my shaft as i was paralyzed by her and in complete ecstasy, dangling motionless. She leaned in closer, biting her bottom lip ever-so gently. She stopped millimeters from my lips "OK. Enough play time. Back to the business at hand" she said as her warm breath fell on my lips and she stopped stroking. My cock, ready to explode, now only ached. "This is going to be so fucking sweet for me" she cooed. 

    She adjusted her feet into a fighting TKD stance as she tightened her grip on my throat, keeping me steady and limiting my air intake. I could feel my face turning red from the pressure. As the reality of the situation set in further, my legs kicked wildly and i pawed at her with what little strength i could muster. She slowly began to draw back her right fist then she'd bring it forward. She went back and forth a few more times, squaring her fist to my face as if she was setting up to break one of her concrete blocks during class. I'd never felt so helpless before in my life!!! She drew back one final time with purpose and i realized what was about to happen. I started balling again! As she unleashed her mightiest "KIAAAAAA!!!" yet, my eyes sprung wide open. With tears flowing, i tried to shout! "NO!!! T*** PL......!" is all i got out. i was cut off as the knuckles of her right hand blasted into my mouth with thunderous force! My head jolted back into the wall violently. Her trained bare fist bloodied my lips and loosened several teeth preventing ANY speech out of me for the foreseeable future. "I'm sorry, did you have something you wanted to say?" she mockingly asked as she leaned in with her left ear.  She pulled her fist back, poised to strike again. “No?  Ok then.” She said. Then a second "KIAAAAAAA!!!" rang out. I couldn't stop crying. She blasted my mouth again, but only harder. This finished the job of completely knocking out any already loosened teeth. i could hear them crashing onto the hardwood floor near her feet as she withdrew her fist from its mark. My mouth hung loosely open as even more of my blood drained onto the floor. My open sobbing continued. "Your pathetic wailing is REALLY fucking annoying" she barked. Then another "KIAAAAAAA!!!" rang loud and her fist crushed my right eye socket and my cock began to go flaccid. She took notice: "What, can't stay hard for me, pussy-boy? I thought you always dreamed of being broken by your Black Belt wife?" Well, as i found out, dreams are different than reality. Her words barely reached my ears before her fist smashed into my left eye socket accompanied by a "KIAAAAAAA!!!" i pitifully squealed as my body jerked violently from the impact, which caused her to giggle. My eyes were now swollen shut. Any fight i may have had left in me was 100% gone. Still conscious and whimpering, i went limp. "Thank God I finally shut you the fuck up." she boasted. I couldn't believe she was talking to me like this, that she felt no remorse or pity for me. All i wanted was to slide back down the wall into a heap, but i couldn't. This TKD bitch was beating me to death. I was nothing more than her luke-warm meat bag waiting to be tenderized. She was supporting my entire body weight with only the raw strength of her left arm. Meanwhile, i hung there at her mercy, completely beaten and feeling sorry for myself. Her aggressive onslaught continued. "KIAAAAAAA!!!" *POW* *CRUNCH* facial bones broke as another blast pounded squarely into the middle of my face and i lost all bodily control and pissed myself. I felt the warm, steady yellow stream drain through my boxers, down my legs, over my socks and shoes, and drip onto the floor as i dangled helplessly in her mighty grasp. She couldn't have cared less that she was now standing barefoot in a warm puddle of my urine that was pooling around her feet, under her high arches, and between her toes. Nothing phased her, so her aggressive onslaught continued; "KIAAAAAAA!!!" *CRUNCH* She pounded away at the middle of my face, time, after time, after time, after time. My body instinctively jerked with each impact and each hit was accompanied by her commanding "KIAAAAAAA!!!" and a sickening wet thud. Blood was splattered all over her fist, her white dobok...the walls. She had turned my nose into nothing more than pulp. She'd bashed in both eye sockets, shattered countless facial bones and I was severely concussed. My face was an unrecognizable red and purple, battered, lumpy mess. It was pure destruction. Finally, she pulled her right arm back one last time.  i felt her shaking from pure adrenaline as she uncurled her fist, and tightened her fingers into a tiger palm for her final blow. With her most ferocious "KIAAAAAAA!!!" yet, she plowed her bare palm into my slacked, weak, exposed chin. The force was so violent, an audible *POP* echoed as my jaw broke free under the force of her strike and sent the back of my head, for the second time, through the drywall. My toes curled inside my shoes as my body jerked and quivered violently from her final strike, then darkness. I was knocked out cold. 

    And there she would stand. Her bare right foot behind her gripping the floor, and her bare left foot in front, toes gripping hard, lending her leverage. Her left palm clenched my neck and held me up, while her right palm was planted firmly in my jaw. Her chest heaved with each breath. She held this pose for just over 8 seconds, concerned about nothing but the pride she felt accomplishing what she came to do...destroy me. Then, after taking it all in, and satisfied with her handy work, my face a battered, unrecognizable, black and blue red pile of swollen mush, she re-coiled her palm and released her grasp on my neck and took a step back. Again in her fighting stance again, there i hung. With her no longer supporting me, my body weight dragged my head from the wall and I dropped to my knees. I immediately fell forward face first into her midsection and slid down across her black belt and dobok pants. My face left a wide trail of smeared blood across her uniform and belt. My face splashed down to the floor in the yellow puddle next to where her left foot was planted. As my body and face hit with heavy, wet thuds, i was brought back to semi-consciousness. 

    I had been rendered completely useless by her. My bodily functions were on autopilot...i was barely breathing. She stood tall over my broken form for a moment, looking down at me. Then she lifted and placed her wet right sole on the back of my head, making sure to use force and press my shattered face deeper into the piss below her. It was pure agony. Then she spoke: "DUDE! You have NO IDEA how good that felt!!!!!" she exclaimed as she stood towering over me dominantly. "I FINALLY stood up to you! More importantly, I stood up FOR myself, and taught you a lesson!" she boasted. "And I'll tell ya, it felt reeeeeeeealy good, too. Feeling your bones break under my fists and feet after all the shit you've talked to me...WOW!" she went on with pure glee in her voice. "In a way, I guess I should kinda be thanking you tho, for putting me through Tae Kwon Do these past 8 years. Without it, I'm not sure I ever would have had the courage or skills to successfully stand up to you. So thank you for that." I could feel her bare toes rapping on the back of my head as she gave her victory speech. "What I NEVER expected tho, was for you to piss all over yourself. What was THAT about?" she said as she wiped her sole throughout my hair, trying to wipe off some piss "THAT was an added bonus that me and something the ladies and I downm at the dojang are going to be laughing about for years!" she said with an excited tone and a laugh. "And WHAT was with that pathetic whimpering? Don’t you have ANY pride or self-respect? My gosh, I almost felt bad for you." she said "Almost." She continued: “I do like this feeling, tho...towering over your ruined form. A girl could get used to this! It almost makes up for the years I kept everything pent-up inside." 

    With that, she gave my head a stern shove with her foot as she lifted it off me. "You stay there. I'll be right back." she said with a chuckle in her voice as she walked to the kitchen. Unable to see, I could hear her perfect soles slapping the floor as she left size 9.5 wet footprints where she stepped as she walked to reclaim what we had earlier agreed to as rightfully hers. She was back within seconds. I heard the shuffling of her soles and toes as she worked her feet back into her sandals then walked over. She stood with her now sandal'ed feet inches from my face as she stood looking down at me. "Ok, first off, I'll be sending you the bill for the dry cleaning this dobok severely needs because of your disgusting face blood. Second, we gotta put this house on the market soon, so I want it cleaned spotlessly(she motioned with her hands)you know, when you get up and around to it. And be careful where you step, there's a stray tooth or two around. One stuck to my heel on my way to the kitchen. I put it on the counter if you wanna put it under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Hahahaha." I listened, broken before her, as she put her key back on her key-chain and turned towards the front door. I heard her sandals popping against the bare soles of her powerful feet with each step. She grabbed the handle of the door then paused mid-step with her left arch and heel raised off her sandal, her toes gripping the front. She spoke again as she looked back at me "Oh yeah, don't forget, my alimony check is due Thursday, first thing. I'm using that money to pay for my 2nd degree test on Saturday then I’m going out with a "friend" to celebrate. Speaking of paying for TKD, I talked to the girls at the dojang and I decided you’re gonna start paying for me again. I think i deserve it. It’s $135 and due promptly on the 1st. Don't be late depositing, either, or I'll be back here to finish what I've started." she said as she made a fist with her right hand and punched her left palm with a wink. With that, she opened the door and stepped outside, but before she let the door close completely, she stuck her head in and asked through a huge smile; "Hey, did you want me to lock up, or will you take care of it?" She paused sarcastically for a few seconds as i had no answer for her rhetorical question. Then giggling, she said "Never-mind, I can tell you'll be lying there for a while, I'll just take care of it." With that she shut the door. The last things i heard were her key sliding into the lock, the tumbler sliding shut, and her sandals popping against her bare soles as she walked to her car saying "It was AWESOME, i'll be there in about 15 minutes, babe" over her cell phone.

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