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Hello and welcome to my page!!! It's kinda my outlet. It reflects a fetish i have, but it does not define me(consume sometimes; yes...define; no). Hopefully you'll enjoy it here whether your on a journey to find yourself or just into the same stuff.

I like female martial artists. I find them empowered and gorgeous as women. I like their strength. I like their determination and dedication to their sport/way of life. I like their bare feet.

For the majority...I'll just be here fav'ing pics I like. Sometimes I'll post a fantasy or actual life event...maybe a picture or two(that I've nicked from certain sites). I'm taking no credit for most of the pics here. If i post an'll know ;)

So feel free to say "hi", comment or whatever you want! This fetish can make us feel very lonely and outcast, but we're in this world together, so lets help each other best we can!

Take care all!!!
(Edit: Let me first say, that we're still married, but have been separated for about 18 months. I've been busting my ass to save it.  Not going to happen. She says she does have a romantic interest in the guy. I found that out afterwards)

My ex needed to stay at my house the other night so i could get up early with the kids instead of dragging them out of bed at her place super early.  I left the house unlocked and headed to work.  They all came by after i was gone.  When i got home at 5:30am, her black belt was on the table and she grabbed her favorite pair of dobok pants. "You did TKD in the garage last night?" i asked "yup" she replied as she put her flip flops on. Can i see your feet" i asked. She slid her flop off and flashed me her right sole real quick, then put her flop back on. "Why are you taking your belt" i asked. "because it's mine and i want to, why are you giving me shit" she barked back. "because you can't just take stuff T*****" i told her. "It's my belt, i earned it and im taking it. The pants too" "Why so you can do TKD at you apartment?" i asked. "no, because it's mine" she quipped back. I was very aroused at this entire conversation. As soon as she left i went to the garage.  Sure enough, the bag had been moved and kick targets were on the floor.  That's when it hit me, someone else was here with her. I was overcome with horniness due to her attitude, feet, and fact she just tkd worked out. I ran upstairs to jerk off to her tkd pics. This morning i woke up still thinking about it.  I asked my son who all was here last night. Just me mom sis and j****" he said.. "J****?" i asked.  Yeah, he came here with us last night". My heart sank. Holy shit, she really did find another Tkd'er". I was both aroused and saddened. I asked T***** about it. Apparently she put on her dobok pants and black belt and did some tkd kicking while he had some beers. I asked if he had held the kicking targets...he did.  I was heartbroken.  That was our thing. 

Am i blowing this out of proportion? The idea of another man holding the pads in my home while she kicks away seems like a huge slap in the face. Any feedback?

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